AI & Smart Device

Bringing Motion Analysis to the Masses!

Motion Analysis by using Artificial Intelligence on your Smart Device.


What are we doing?

Detailed Analysis of your Body Pose

We provide detailed analysis about the movement of the human body using camera images. From these images information about the joint angles is extracted. For example, conclusions and recommendations for the optimal seating position on the bicycle can be drawn. In this way, injuries can be avoided and the quality of riding can be improved.

Artificial Intelligence on your Smart Device

The age when detailed analyses of body motions were only available to professional athletes is over. We bring this technology to the smart devices of the masses!

Extracting Biomechanical Measures

We can identify potential issues by using everyone's smart device and combining it with our state of the art software solution. Our cross-platform deep learning algorithm analyzes the video. The exact movement of the joints is extracted and biomechanical parameters are derived. Based on this data, we can point out potential problems and give recommendations for adjustments. The algorithm is fully functional, on our website you can find a simplified version to try out. But cycling is just the beginning, our goal is to make motion analysis accessible in different fields!

Revenue Model

We will start with a two-sided revenue model. 1. B2C Freemium to receive a broad customer group and gain additional cash flow by pro users. 2. Our B2B Version will make use of Software as a Service.


We will release our cross-platform app for hobby cyclists in January to get first user feedback as early as possible. In March we plan the establishment of partnerships with online bike dealers. In June, our professional version (subscribtion) for local bike shops will be released. In September we will be present with our product portfolio at the world's largest bicycle trade fair, the Eurobike. Based on the growth figures of other bicycle apps, we plan to reach Brake-Even in the second quarter of 2022.

Our team

We're an experienced team of autonomous driving young professionals having experience with state of the art algorithms to make everyones life better!